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Based in New York, Finance Manager Training helps automotive dealerships and F&I students across all 50 states, as well as Canada.

car dealer f&i training

Boosting Car Dealership Profits and F&I Manager Success

Ryan Daniel

Ryan Daniel

Ryan is the President of Finance Manager Training and has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Tech Times and Auto News.

F&I training can help car dealerships and F&I managers by improving their sales skills, product knowledge, PVR and compliance knowledge. By providing F&I managers with the tools they need to succeed, car dealerships can increase their profits, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce their risk of legal and regulatory issues.

F&I schools in particular can help car dealerships and F&I managers achieve success by providing comprehensive training and education. These schools, like Finance Manager Training, offer specialized courses that can help F&I managers improve their sales skills, product knowledge, and compliance knowledge. By investing in F&I education, car dealerships and F&I managers can reap numerous benefits. 

car dealer f&i training

Improve F&I Sales Skills

F&I training can help F&I managers become more confident and effective at selling products to customers. Training can teach them how to identify customer needs, overcome objections, and close more deals. This, in turn, leads to higher profits for the dealership.

Product Knowledge

F&I training can provide F&I managers with a deeper understanding of the products they sell, such as extended warranties and insurance. This knowledge can help them explain the benefits of these products to customers, leading to more sales.

Compliance Knowledge

F&I training can also help F&I managers stay up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations, such as the Truth in Lending Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. By having a good understanding of these laws and regulations, F&I managers can reduce the dealership’s risk of legal and regulatory issues.

F&I tutoring can also provide opportunities for F&I managers to advance their careers. By obtaining certifications, F&I managers can demonstrate their expertise and become more competitive in the job market.

Process Driven F&I Department

Improving Profit per Vehicle Retailed (PVR) is a top priority for F&I managers and car dealerships. PVR measures the profit generated from the sale of each vehicle, and improving it can have a significant impact on the dealership’s bottom line. F&I managers and dealerships can improve PVR by implementing a Process-Driven Approach: By using a structured process for selling additional products, F&I managers can ensure they don’t miss any sales opportunities.

  1. By following a structured process, F&I managers can ensure that every customer is presented with the same opportunity to purchase additional products. This consistency can lead to increased sales and higher PVR.

  2. Efficiency: A process-driven approach can streamline the F&I process and reduce the time it takes to close a deal. This can improve customer satisfaction and increase the dealership’s overall efficiency.


F&I training is a valuable investment for car dealerships and F&I managers. It can help improve sales skills, product knowledge, and compliance knowledge, leading to increased profits, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced risk. By investing in F&I training, car dealerships and F&I managers can ensure their success in the competitive automotive industry.


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