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I have been a Finance Manager for 3 years; not only has this helped me gain even more knowledge for the future, this course would have helped me in the very beginning of my career!
Brittany Esteppe
February 25, 2024
Amazing can't express enough how happy i am with what I've learnt.
Misagh Khalili
February 11, 2024
I would highly recommend this program to anybody looking to move forward in their career, or just sharpen their pencil!
James Dixon
February 5, 2024
I enjoyed everything and will continue to enjoy these videos in the future and utilize them as a reference.
Patricia Geertsen
February 1, 2024
I got so much knowledge that I did not think I would get before walking into an F&I office. This course is life changing from the material itself, and the opportunities it provides after graduation The customer service and staff knowledge about the courses itself are so amazing. The teachers on your courses are so knowledgeable and beneficial. So far above any avenue to becoming a successful F&I Manager.
Thomas Andrus
January 28, 2024
Incredibly informative, well structured.
Paul Roberts
January 25, 2024
It was a great learning opportunity and would recommend to anyone looking to get into F&I.
Tyler Gearheart
January 23, 2024
I would recommend this course to all aspiring finance manager and those who are in business wanting to update their skills. I am grateful that this school exists. Totally worth it!
Samuel Garcia
January 19, 2024
I just want to start this off by saying thank you! I took this course because I wanted to move up from sales to finance. I was supposed to have an interview today at 1 pm but before I even left my boss called me in and promoted me to finance because of this course. Because of your program I am now a finance manager at Laura Buick GMC, the number one Buick and GMC dealer in the nation! Thank you!!
Bobby Spurlock
January 3, 2024
I would happily recommend this course to all aspiring Finance Managers and those who are in the business wanting to refresh and update their sales skills.
Laura Buserwini
December 19, 2023
I thoroughly enjoyed the course material from Finance Manager Training. I was able to learn new ideas and concepts that were previously foreign to me from a salesperson standpoint. I'm grateful that there are programs like FMT that offer a chance for education towards the F&I career path. I will continue revisiting the modules periodically and reviewing the concepts till I understand them like the back of my hand. Additionally, the team at FMT has been extremely gracious and helpful throughout my experience.
Jeremy Wang
December 15, 2023
This training is worth the $1,575.00 I paid. The training provided here is only for those that want to be elite F&I Managers. The instructors provided excellent word tracks and training. I am grateful that this school exists and happy I paid for the lifetime program!
Gregory Geczi
December 7, 2023
This has been the most thorough, accurate, and professionally made course available on F&I! I'm so glad to have found this, and I have learned more than I ever thought I could about the career of being an F&I manager. I truly appreciate all of the work you have put into this course, and it shows how much you care by taking the time to answer everyone's questions, and providing support quickly and efficiently.
Brandon Huff
December 5, 2023
Very informative and great refresher. I will be starting at a preowned dealer that currently does not have an implemented F&I process. I find the F&I tools available will be very helpful when building our own personal F&I process along with menu
Damien Kelly
December 4, 2023
Amazing course. Well structured.
Joseph Casella
December 1, 2023
Great learning experience, you guys gave me the chance to do what I wanted to do at the dealership I worked at for 5 years that hasn't given me the thought of moving me into the empty finance manager they have had for the past 6 months.
John Paul Moreno
November 24, 2023
I thoroughly enjoyed the F&I course! It was remarkably easy to follow, and the online format made it convenient for me to absorb the material at my own pace. Thank you for providing such a positive learning experience!
Hector Jimenez
November 18, 2023
I'm so thankful this course is available, especially in my situation where I've been in sales for years and looking to further my career and challenge myself even further. Once I feel fully prepped and ready to interview for a finance position I'll be happy to utilize the job placement benefit. Thank you Finance Manager Training for this very valuable information and dedication to helping us learn how to become an elite finance manager!
Karah Hartle
November 17, 2023
I enjoyed every minute of this experience, and I can still go back and refresh my memory! Totally worth it! I am proud to have made it through!
Andrew Kelley
November 9, 2023
Learned so much from this program! I am currently in sales at a dealership. I bought this program to learn as much as i could about finance, and its process. I learned everything from compliance to DMS software. Very exiting So much information from experienced individuals. I am extremely happy i purchased this program, i will refer to anyone wanting to learn finance.
Enrique Ovalles
October 29, 2023
Amazing experience and great teaching from "Finance Manager Training" Team. Looking forward to my new position as F&I, thanks to FMT and 100% recommend it !!!
Saiful Alam
October 26, 2023
This was a phenomenal course. I am getting back into the car business in a completely new market(new state) after being out of the business for two years or so. A friend of mine suggested this course. I wanted to find something that would help me stand apart. I feel this course has done just that! I certainly feel prepared to get in the box and close deals when the opportunity is presented! The customer service was amazing. If I had a question, no matter what time of the day, I literally got a response within 5 minutes! Their attentiveness to the participants was phenomenal!
Ryan Crow
October 23, 2023
The sessions were not only insightful but also tailored perfectly to our specific needs in the automotive F&I industry. The trainers and subject matter experts demonstrated an exceptional grasp of the intricacies of finance and insurance, providing us with valuable insights that are already proving to be instrumental in our daily operations. I strongly recommend this training to any manager aiming to elevate their team's professional skills and excel in this competitive industry. This time I was the student not the professor, and I enjoyed this learning journey. Mourad Melika, Ph.D. Director of Learning and Development
Mourad Melika
October 20, 2023
I loved all information provided here. Great quality lessons and instructors. I am super excited about my future in the car industry and super thankful for this program.
Cedric Joiner
October 16, 2023
I am truly grateful to Finance Manager Training and to each one of the specific instructors as well as to the rest of the staff...you have put so much dedication into this...I can tell. This is by far the best Finance Manager Training program I have ever completed. Sincerely and Respectfully, David Delgado
David Delgado
October 10, 2023
I totally enjoyed this school and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn F&I. I've been in sales and sales management for nearly 20 years and had difficulty getting "in the box" as they say. Now I know why. There are things F&I managers must know that you don't learn on a sales floor or behind the desk! I can't wait to advance my career in F&I management now and I will continue to use this program as a reference and training tool. Thanks again!
George Miller
October 7, 2023
After selling cars for 2 years I was looking for an online F&I school to push me to the next step , look forward to landing a Job soon with your assistance.
Rohan Nedurumalli
October 4, 2023
I was very satisfied with the schooling. I see how a lot has changed in positioning myself with the customer, presenting myself and presenting the office. I love to see the updates in the software compared to the old ADP. Also I'm glad that I can be using this tool your website when I go back into the industry
Peter Siciliano
September 29, 2023
Absolutely amazing experience! All the lessons were very well explained. I'm very thrilled to start utilizing the knowledge gained from this course, in real life.
Abir Khan
September 3, 2023
I am very grateful for the course, I think it will help me personally and at work. I had some experience and this program helped me find faults in myself to improve. I recommend it.
Nicolas Scoccia
August 28, 2023
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Scott Marshall
Scott Marshall
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A fantastic course that will get you started on the path or improve your role performance of an F&I manager. I enjoyed the informative learning modules. And The prestige of Putting that handsome plaque on my office wall.
Juliano Souza
Juliano Souza
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I’m still doing it but so far it’s been amazing.
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia
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Great course. Well worth taking this course and excited for my next chapter in the Vehicle industry
Rainier Garcia
Rainier Garcia
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Amazing experience really learn a lot recomended 100%
Pauline F
Pauline F
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Awesome school! Amazing support and continuing education. They work hard for your job placement!
Jim Guglielmo
Jim Guglielmo
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The course is very comprehensive and up to date with relevant information. They update the content constantly with current information. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to start this career.

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