F&I School Financing

Start your F&I Education with zero dollars due today. Fast, simple and affordable financing from Paypal! Simply choose “Pay Later” during sign-up.


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  • Zero Dollars Due Today
  • 9.99 to 35.99% APR
  • Applying Will Not Impact Your Credit Score
  • Choose "Pay Later" at Checkout to Apply

Finance Your Education!

Finance Manager Training has teamed up with Paypal to offer financing for our students. Watch the instructional video to learn how to apply.


Frequently asked questions, answered.

Not everyone will be approved. Approval status is decided by PayPal - not by Finance Manager Training. To apply for tuition financing, sign up and choose "Pay Later" on the billing screen.

If approved by Paypal, you will have to pay $0 on the day you start your training. Most financing options have payments start the following month.

According to Paypal, applying will not impact your credit score. However, if your financing loan is approved and used, PayPal may report your Installment Loan to credit reporting agencies. 

To sign up for F&I Training and begin the financing process, click here. Follow the Instructions as indicated in the video above.

Financing for F&I School

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