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F&I Training for aspiring F&I Managers and dealership professionals. If you are ready to take the next step in your F&I career, this program is for you!

F&I Training in 2021

F&I training and Certification helps F&I managers and those who want to become an F&I Manager sell more, increase revenue, maximize their pay plan, and earn more money.

F&I Training In Only 30 Days

Become F&I Trained in only 30 days, completely online! Students receive full access to the F&I Training Center complete with a dozen modules, hundreds of lessons, quizzes, tools, and videos that you can Pause and Play on your own schedule.

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What do you get?

Inside the F&I Training Portal, our students are guided through courses such as:

F&I Training students gain a wealth of information, important connections, a certification to put on their resume, plus credibility and respect with current and prospective employers. 

The Average Tuition For 1 Year Of Private College In 2021 Was $35,720.

Our Tuition? Only $297 per month.

Source: EducationData.org

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F&I Managers Earn On Average $132,786 Annually. Our Goal For You? Beat That.

Source: NADA

Commonly Asked Questions

What is F&I Training?

F&I Training is job-based education with the goal of teaching F&I Managers and aspiring F&I Managers how to properly do their job. Some people think of it as college for dealership employees, which makes sense because both result in a diploma. F&I Trainers guide and instruct students how to perform the tasks of an F&I Manager efficiently, profitably and ethically.

How much does F&I Training cost?

F&I Trainings costs as little as $297 per month for 6 months, or a one-time fee of $1,597. This includes all fees, including tuition, registration fee, book(s), pamphlets and software.

Who offers F&I Training?

F&I Training is provided by licensed F&I Schools. F&I Training helps people learn the skills and techniques necessary to begin or continue a career in automotive finance. By enrolling in an F&I Training program, you are exposed to the latest and best F&I techniques taught by licensed F&I Trainers. In addition to education, a quality F&I Training program also works to connect you with dealerships in your area.

What is the best F&I Training program?

There are several programs that claim to offer the best F&I Training. Our advice is to enroll in an F&I School that is:

  1. Licensed by their State as an official school.
  2. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Has a strong record of positive reviews from students.

Finance Manager Training fits all of these requirements.

How does your F&I Training work?

Our F&I Training is a college-level trade program for F&I professionals and those who want to become an F&I Manager. Our program is designed to educate dealerships professionals on how to do their job effectively, ethically and at the highest level. Once enrolled, students gain access to 12 modules of F&I Training lessons, data, software, and live instruction.

Do you have F&I Training videos?

Our F&I Training offers a mixture of F&I training videos, lessons, live video-based instruction and more. Our program was engineered specifically to help students gain the most amount of knowledge in the least amount of time.

What does F&I mean?

F&I stands for Finance & Insurance. F&I Managers assist customers with finance documents, insurance documents, vehicle service documents and much more.


According to the NADA Workforce Study, F&I Managers earn an average of $132,786 per year. This is not a guarantee of income but simply an average supplied by a study. Many F&I Managers earn this much and more, but there are others who do not. FinanceManagerTraining.com is a vocational trade school and certifies all of the certificates that it supplies. Finance Manager Training is a licensed F&I School. Like all F&I schools, we are not accredited by a regional agency.