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F&I perception customers dealerships

Customer perception of the F&I Office

Ryan Daniel

Ryan Daniel

Ryan is the President of Finance Manager Training and has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Tech Times and Auto News.

The finance and insurance (F&I) office is an integral part of the car-buying process, but it is often viewed with a degree of apprehension and trepidation by customers. As an industry, we must be willing to take an honest look at how buyers perceive our departments so that we can make meaningful changes that boost revenue and increase satisfaction.

In the customers eyes, the F&I process can be complex, time-consuming, and overwhelming, leading to frustration and stress. However, the F&I office can also play a crucial role in ensuring that customers receive a positive and fulfilling car-buying experience. In this article, we will explore customer perceptions of the F&I office and the factors that contribute to these perceptions. 

F&I perception customers dealerships

Overwhelming & Confusing

With a wide range of finance and insurance options to choose from, it can be challenging for customers to make informed decisions, especially when confronted with a high pressure F&I Manager and little time to comprehend their options. Additionally, some customers may find the terminology used in the F&I office to be complex and difficult to understand, leading to frustration and a sense of being overwhelmed.

Sales rules the F&I Office

Another common concern among customers is the perception that the F&I office is solely focused on selling them additional products and services, rather than meeting their needs and ensuring a good customer experience. This perception can be particularly strong when customers feel that they are being pressured into buying products they can’t afford.

High Pressure

In some dealerships, the F&I process can be a high-pressure environment, leading to a negative experience. The feeling of being pressured to make decisions about protection options can cause stress and frustration, leaving customers feeling unsatisfied with the car-buying process as a whole. Customers tend to want more time to make purchasing decisions, but less time waiting to get into the F&I office. This can be a difficult juggling act for dealerships who want to give customers as much time as they need in the office, while not agitating customers that are waiting for their turn with the F&I Manager.

Necessary Evil & Positive Experience

We often hear that the F&I office is seen as a necessary, but unpleasant, part of the car-buying experience. Viewed as a necessary step in the process, customers still tend to not enjoy the experience and would prefer to avoid it if possible.

However, it is possible for the F&I office to provide a positive and enjoyable customer experience. For some customers, the F&I process is a time for personalized attention and expert advice. They appreciate the opportunity to work with knowledgeable staff who are focused on meeting their needs and ensuring a positive outcome. When the F&I office provides clear and transparent information, along with a non-pressured environment, customers are more likely to have a positive experience and feel satisfied with their purchase.


The F&I office plays a crucial role in the car-buying process, but it can also be a source of stress and frustration for some customers. A positive F&I experience can help to build customer trust and satisfaction, while a negative experience can harm the reputation of the dealership. To ensure a positive customer experience, it is important for F&I offices to provide clear and transparent information, along with a non-pressured environment and personalized attention. With the right approach, the F&I office can play a key role in delivering a positive and fulfilling car-buying experience for customers.


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