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car dealerships turning to F&I schools

Car Dealerships are turning to F&I Schools to increase PVR

Ryan Daniel

Ryan Daniel

Ryan is the President of Finance Manager Training and has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Tech Times and Auto News.

Dealerships are turning to F&I schools to train their employees and increase profits. In today’s competitive automotive market, these specialized training schools are providing a vital resource to dealerships that know they are not producing the F&I numbers that they are capable of. They also realize that its far more efficient to have expert trainers build-up their employees than doing it themselves. By utilizing trainers whose only job is to help dealership employees increase PVR, these programs are becoming the gold standard for dealership tutoring

car dealerships turning to F&I schools

Dealerships and F&I Coaching

The F&I (Finance & Insurance) process can be a crucial part of the car buying experience for customers, and it can also generate significant profits for dealerships. It’s essential that dealership employees have a deep understanding of finance and insurance products, as well as the skills to sell these products effectively and ethically.

F&I schools provide comprehensive training for dealership employees, covering all aspects of finance and insurance products, sales techniques, and legal and regulatory requirements. These schools offer both classroom and hands-on training, giving employees the opportunity to practice their skills and receive feedback from experienced trainers.

One of the key benefits of F&I schools is that they provide a standardized training program that ensures all employees are working from the same methods and adhering to the same standards. This helps to minimize inconsistencies in the sales process and increase customer satisfaction, leading to more repeat business and higher profits for dealerships.

In addition to improving sales skills, F&I schools also provide training on ethical and legal practices, helping to mitigate the risk of regulatory violations and lawsuits. This training is especially important in today’s regulatory environment, where non-compliance can result in significant fines and damage to a dealership’s reputation.

Investing in F&I training is a smart business decision for dealerships. Not only does it increase profits by improving sales skills and reducing the risk of regulatory violations, but it also enhances the customer experience and helps to build a positive reputation for the dealership.


In conclusion, F&I schools are an important resource for dealerships looking to improve their employees’ performance and increase profits. By providing comprehensive training on finance and insurance products, sales techniques, and ethical and legal practices, F&I schools help to ensure that dealerships are operating at their full potential.


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