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It can be tough landing an F&I Job

While we can’t guarantee job placement, it sure makes sense that adding an F&I Certificate to your resume would result in more interviews and job offers.

General Managers have to sift through a lot of bad resumes to find the good applicants. To make matters worse, many F&I applicants send in the same generic application without any defining experiences, certificates, or accomplishments. Too many applicants talk the talk, but can’t back up their words with performance.

Put simply: words are cheap. Most applicants will talk a big game, so hiring managers are accustomed to the typical rhetoric. What sets YOU apart from the rest?

We have one idea: A custom F&I training certificate from – This can be added to your resume and shows potential employers that you took the time and effort to better yourself. The certificate shows that you will be an asset that will increase the productivity of the finance office. Even more impressive? Become a FIRE Club member.


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