How To Choose An F&I School?

Choosing the right F&I program can be a difficult decision. In this article, we examine what F&I School is best for you.

Article updated March 26, 2023.

Canadian F&I Training

Are you ready to transform your Canadian automotive dealership into an F&I powerhouse? Are your F&I managers eager to excel in their roles and unlock new revenue streams? Look no further! 

Our F&I Training School is designed specifically to cater to the unique needs of Canadian dealerships and their F&I managers, providing them with the tools and skills needed to maximize profit and enhance customer satisfaction, while never having to leave the Dealership!

What sets our F&I Institute apart?

Our F&I Institute offers a tailored curriculum that covers every aspect of automotive finance and insurance management. We understand the Canadian automotive market's intricacies and tailor our courses to address specific challenges faced by dealerships in the Great White North.

Our courses cover a broad range of topics, including:

  • F&I fundamentals and best practices
  • Effective sales techniques
  • Product presentation and menu selling
  • Customer service excellence
  • Finance sourcing and lender relations
  • Advanced F&I strategies for profit maximization
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Canada F&I Training

Experienced F&I Instructors

We take immense pride in the caliber of our faculty, which is comprised of highly experienced professionals who have made significant contributions to the F&I industry.

Each member of our training faculty brings a wealth of knowledge, real-world experience, and a deep understanding of the complexities of dealership finance operations. This allows them to provide unparalleled guidance and mentorship to aspiring F&I managers, empowering them to excel in their roles.

Personalized Dealership Training

Understanding that each Dealership and manager has unique learning needs, our faculty members strive to provide personalized attention and support. They are always available to address questions, offer guidance, and provide constructive feedback, helping students overcome challenges and improve their performance.

F&I appointment Canada
Canadian dealership F&I training school

Learn from other Dealerships

Dealerships and F&I Managers not only learn from listening to our trainers, they also learn by connecting with industry veterans across all of North America. Our faculty members maintain strong connections within the automotive finance and insurance community, which can open doors to new  opportunities, collaborations, and industry events.


Our F&I faculty have set the gold standard for automotive finance and insurance education in Canada. By learning from these seasoned professionals, Dealerships and F&I Managers receive unparalleled instruction, mentorship, and support, ultimately empowering them to thrive as successful F&I managers in the competitive Canadian automotive market.

Online F&I Certification!

Learn on your own time and at your own pace, from the comfort of your home or office.

Navigating the Unique Challenges of Dealership F&I Offices in Canada

While the automotive finance and insurance (F&I) industry in Canada and the United States share many similarities, there are distinct challenges that Canadian dealerships face, which their American counterparts may not necessarily encounter. These unique challenges can impact the effectiveness of F&I offices in Canada and require specialized knowledge and skills to navigate successfully.

Adapting to Harsher Weather Conditions:

Canada’s harsh weather conditions also present unique challenges for dealership F&I offices. The colder climate and prolonged winter season can influence vehicle purchasing decisions and the types of protection products that consumers seek. For instance, Canadian customers may prioritize features such as all-wheel drive, heated seats, or remote starters, which can impact the F&I products offered by F&I offices. The more sophisticated the add-on, the greater chance of a breakdown at some point in the customers ownership.

As for F&I products, the demand for products such as rust protection, paint sealant, and vehicle service contracts may be higher in Canada due to the increased exposure to harsh weather. F&I managers need to be knowledgeable about these products (and more importantly, their benefits) to effectively present them to customers and maximize f&i revenue.

Distinct Market Dynamics:

The Canadian market has a higher penetration of subprime financing, which requires F&I managers to be skilled in evaluating credit risk and structuring deals properly to increase the chance that a lender accepts the application. Additionally, the Canadian market has a prevalence for long-term loans, which may require vehicle service contracts to be structured to keep customers covered for a longer period of time.

Currency Fluctuations:

Another unique challenge for Canadian F&I offices is the impact of currency fluctuations on vehicle pricing and financing. The Canadian dollar’s value fluctuates relative to the US dollar, so that it can affect the cost of vehicles and financing options available to Canadian consumers. F&I managers must stay informed about these currency fluctuations and adjust their financing strategies to remain competitive and provide the best possible value to their customers.

Differing Regulatory Frameworks:

Canadian and US dealerships face similar regulatory frameworks, though the names and wording of the legislation between Canada and the United States may be different. Canadian dealerships must comply with federal and provincial regulations that govern automotive finance and insurance practices. This includes adhering to consumer protection laws, disclosure requirements, and privacy legislation such as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). In contrast, American dealerships must adhere to their federal and state regulations, which can sometimes differ from those in Canada.

To navigate this challenge, Canadian F&I managers need to be well-versed in the intricacies of their country’s regulatory landscape and ensure that their practices align with the appropriate guidelines. This requires ongoing education and training to stay abreast of any changes in legislation that may impact their operations.

Cross-Border Financing and Taxation:

Another challenge unique to Canadian F&I offices is the issue of cross-border financing and taxation. As consumers in Canada may look to purchase vehicles from the United States, F&I managers need to be familiar with the process of importing vehicles, securing financing, and handling taxes in cross-border transactions. This includes understanding import duties, sales taxes, and any additional fees that may apply to the vehicle’s purchase and registration.

Canadian F&I managers must also be knowledgeable about the various financial institutions that provide automotive financing in both countries and the differences in credit reporting and scoring systems. Successfully navigating these complexities ensures Canadian dealerships can provide competitive financing options to customers seeking vehicles from the United States.

Bilingualism and Cultural Differences:

Lastly, Canada is a bilingual country, with English and French as official languages. As a result, Canadian F&I managers may need to communicate with customers and financial institutions in both languages. This requires a high level of language proficiency and cultural awareness to ensure that all parties understand the terms and conditions of financing agreements and insurance policies.

Moreover, Canadian dealerships may cater to a diverse clientele with varying cultural backgrounds, making it essential for F&I managers to adapt their communication and sales techniques to meet each customer’s unique needs and expectations. This includes understanding cultural nuances, customs, and preferences when presenting finance and insurance options.